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Manage your Domain - DNS

When someone tells you to buy a domain, what do you do next?

First find a Domain Registrar where you can buy the domain name, i.e. webeng.net - taken by me :) 

I use BulkRegister.com, GoDaddy.com and Rebel.com. 

  1. GoDaddy has great pricing. 
  2. BulkRegister.com is good for use with Exchange email host names, MX and SRV host records.
  3. Rebel.com lets you buy domains that aren't so mainstream like .sucks, .sexy, etc.
  4. Google Domains offers free privacy and SSL

Choose the domain name you want and if it's not already owned you can just buy it. If it is owned you can sometimes negotiate with the owner to buy it from them using a third party like GoDaddy. I've done it and it works.

Now that you own it, you need to set up the host names or sub-domains like help.webopeng.net. You can add many sub-domains to your root domain webopeng.net. By default, your registrar will already have setup the root domain and www sub-domain to point to an advertising page for the registrar. 

When you setup your sub-domains, you can point the name to an IP address; this is called an "A" record and looks like this: www.webopeng.com A

DNS Management on an internal network

One limitation that DNS Manager has inside a network is that you cannot easily setup a URL Redirect. So if you want to have users enter a domain such as help.webopeng.com and have them redirected to a url path like http://webopeng.com/help/detail.aspx you won't be able to use DNS Manager. What I've done is setup a website with the domain and used IIS Redirect to send users exactly where I want them to go.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are used to encrypt the data transmitted between a browser and your website. 

What do you do when you are asked to secure a website? 

The hardest detail to identify is what kind of SSL certificate is needed.  The most common certificates are either a Standard SSL certificate (www.webopeng.com) or a wildcard certificate (*.webopeng.com). Most wildcard certificates will secure any sub-domain of a root; help.webopeng.com, www.webopeng.com, customer.webopeng.com.

Let's Encrypt is a free SSL/TLS Certificates sourceprovided by the Internet Secruity Research Group (ISRG). You can automate away the pain of renewals. I prefer to use a more recognizable vendor for production corporate environments.

SiteMaker by MedSeek

SiteMaker by MedSeek is a content manager tool used to create multiple web sites and allow each site to be managed by site owners. The access to different modules is configurable. The underlying sites use the ColdFusion programming language. 

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a report generation tool. You can create reports that users can run from within the Console. You can create reports that are accessed via an API in your applications. The Crystal Management Console used by administrators to manage permissions to reports. You can use LDAP or Crystal Reports authentication.

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